Well were do I begin. My name is Frank Parent and I started my career with Massage Therapy in 1996 after graduating from the Darcy Lane Institute for Massage Therapy. After several years of working in a multi-professional clinic, it allowed me the chance to work with many talented people and see the different types of styles and techniques that were out there. I decided  once again, to return to school and study the art and philosophy of Osteopathy. Many people ask why I decided to go into Osteopathic Manual Therapy.  The short version is that over the years I’ve taken many courses, I then realized that many of these course were all developed by Osteopaths. When I researched more into the profession I soon realized that this really answered many of the questions that I was asking myself over the years as a Massage Therapist. So here I am now, after 11 years, I have finally opened my own clinic and I am enjoying every moment. For my personal life, I am blessed to have a very supportive wife and three very energetic boys who make my day’s fly by. My hobbies include reading many medical books and any Osteopath literature I can get my hands on !!

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